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    Now, if you hadn't seen SING, then you must know that Buster was sad about the palace's collapse. BUT WAIT. There is more. Here's proof that Buster was going through the stages of grief... but in a weird order.

    1- Depression: This is obvious... he was really upset about the loss of the palace. NEXT.

    2- Bargaining: Now, he was holding his father's image, BUT WHY. This goes with Depression as well.

    3- Denial: Buster Moon is SHOWN denying he can't be with it (another Depression sign [AGAIN]) again, denying he can't do anything with the place gone,

    4- Anger: Yes, Buster Moon WAS angry when he said "No," in a bit of a mad matter and guess what he does? Makes money by Car Wash like previously, not to mention he was Denying stuff again.. 

    5- Acceptanc…

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