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Featured character (April 2018): Frogs


Frog Trio

Supporting characters in Sing

The frogs (named Ricki, Howie, and Kai) are a trio of male frogs who auditioned to be a part of Buster Moon's singing competition in Sing. In their audition, they sang the 1984 song "Jump" by Van Halen.

The frogs are green in appearance. All of them wear aqua colored shirts covered by white bodysuits. They also wear purple leg warmers. One frog is the tallest of the three; another frog is slightly shorter, and the last frog is shorter and thicker in stature.

The frogs were the very first act to be selected by Buster to move forward in his singing competition. Originally ecstatic to be selected, the frogs were almost always seen arguing with each other during practice, often having to be calmed down by Buster. They eventually quit the show due to not being able to work with each other. In the end of the film, they seem to have forgiven each other and attend the performance and the grand reopening of the Moon Theater.
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Sheep Open His Mouth

A sheep sings "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal as his audition for Buster Moon's singing competition.
(from "Sing")
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Ash sings Set It All Free

Ash sings Set It All Free

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