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Featured character (March 2018): Richard


SING - Richard sings Butterfly

Minor character in Sing

Richard is a male water buffalo who auditioned to be part of Buster Moon's singing competition in Sing. In his audition, he sang the 1999 song "Butterfly" by Crazy Town.

Richard is a brown buffalo who has black hair. He wears a purple leather jacket along with black jeans with chains on each side.

Richard appears to be clumsy but caring overall. He easily becomes nervous, even to the point of flatulence, which ultimately got him rejected from the singing competition. Upon being rejected, he put his foot down on the stage in frustration, accidentally squashing Ray. He felt very bad for this and carried him out of the theater while passing gas with each step. Later the two are seen singing together to Meena's rendition of "Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing" by Stevie Wonder in the remains of the Moon Theater at the end of the movie.
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"Ow!" - Ash notices and plucks one of her quills from Buster Moon's fur, moments after her performance of "Set It All Free"
(from "Sing")
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Sing Special Edition - Buster Hears Meena Singing - Own it on Digital HD 3 3 on Blu-ray & DVD 3 21

Sing Special Edition - Buster Hears Meena Singing - Own it on Digital HD 3 3 on Blu-ray & DVD 3 21

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