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SING McDonald's Happy Meal toys (USA)

SING McDonald's Happy Meal toy commercial (2016)00:31

SING McDonald's Happy Meal toy commercial (2016)

December 2016-January 2017

From December 2016 to January 2017 in the United States and international countries, McDonald's ran a Happy Meal promotion for toys based on the characters from Sing. Each Happy Meal ordered would come with one of the toys.

Each Happy Meal toy came with a circular piece of cardboard with a character on it meant for the toy to be stood on.

Toys + functions

United States

In the United States, the following toys were offered as part of the promotion:

  • Buster Moon (1), who says "Hahahahaha, ya! Gonna spice things up on stage!" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface
  • Rosita (2), who sings the first parts of the chorus for "Firework" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface
  • Gunter (3), who says "Alright, piggy power! Hahahaha!" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface
  • Meena (4), who sings parts of the chorus for "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface
  • Ash (5), who sings the first few lyrics of the chorus of "Set It All Free" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface
  • Miss Crawly (6), who doesn't speak but can walk when wound up
  • Johnny (7), who doesn't sing but can swing his fist back and forth when his leg is squeezed

International countries

In international countries, additional toys were offered, but weren't available in the US:

  • Eddie, who doesn't speak but his head can be moved from side to side
  • Mike, who doesn't speak but has a pull-back motor that allows him to move forward for a few seconds
  • The Q-Teez, who don't speak but their hands can be moved up and down by pressing a lever


The commercial for the toys, also ran from December 2016-January 2017 on multiple television networks across the United States, was a 30-second animated short (also animated at Illumination Mac Guff) that included several characters (the sheep, the hippo, Sherry-Anne, Johnny, Ray, and Rosita along with her children) ordering a Happy Meal and additional items at a McDonald's drive-thru. Each character sang their part of the order, with Rosita's piglets singing their order to end the song. Miss Crawly was portrayed as the cashier at the McDonald's restaurant, suggesting that Rosita pop the trunk of her car to fit all of the Happy Meal boxes. The commercial ends with the piglets eating (and one singing with a Happy Meal box over his head) in the kitchen at their house.

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