Rosita & Norman's children are piglets who are Rosita and Norman's twenty-five sons and daughters. They are unruly, disruptive, mischievous, but they love their parents deeply. They debuted in Sing and also star in the Sing home release-exclusive short "Gunter Babysits".

They are voiced by Oscar Jennings, Leo Jennings, Caspar Jennings, and Asa Jennings, the children of director Garth Jennings.


Rosita's children are mostly dressed the same as one another. The boys wear orange shirts and green shirts while the girls wear light-blue dresses with pink trim. Their pajamas (seen in Gunter Babysits) are purpleish-blue footed pajamas with glow-in-the-dark stars on them.

Other than their clothes, they don't have much physical differences with each other.


They are unruly, disruptive, mischievous, and they are often crowded most of time, though Rosita is usually able to control the condition. They can be even more hyperactive when they consume candy (as seen in Gunter Babysits). Despite the chaos because of their presence, they follow their schedules quite orderly, such as they pick up their school bags one by one no matter the thing is done by Rosita or her machine.

At first, the piglets, especially Casper, mock and mimic their mother, who loves to hum when doing laundries, but after her show with Gunter, they appreciate her talent and enjoy the following performances.


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Look at me, I'm mommy! La la la la la!

–Casper, one of Rosita's sons

Good night, Mommy.

–One of Rosita's girls

That was great!

–One of Rosita's boys after her performance


  • They were one of the first groups to attend Buster Moon's main show in Sing.
  • 14 piglets are male while the other 11 are female.
  • Out of these piglets, there are 20 of them whose names are known: Avery, Carrie, Iggy, Perry, Carla, Gail, Rory, Micky, Moe, Nelson, Hannah, Tess, Kelly, George, Andy, Freddy, Caspar, Zoe, and Leo.


1 This link leads to the image gallery for Rosita & Norman's children. It can be viewed here.


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