Mike is a male mouse who is one of the main tritagonists of the movie Sing.

He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.


Mike is an anthropomorphic white mouse. He wears a red suit and a white shirt under it with red pants and a red top hat, along with a dark purple tie. He has large white ears that are pink on the inside, and long whiskers. His tail is long and thin.

While rehearsing to sing "Let's Face the Music and Dance" and during his final performance of "My Way", he wore a purple version of his suit.


Mike may be small but he has a big and imposing character. Arrogant almost to a fault, Mike is not afraid to stand up to anyone bigger than himself. However, he tends to bite off more than he can chew, and he is not an honest person, as he is caught cheating in a card game, swindling a trio of bears out of their money. This repeatedly came back to haunt him and affected those around him, even leading to the Moon Theater's destruction.

Despite his arrogance, Mike lives up to his skills as a singer and a musician, able to soulfully croon people to tears.

While not exactly a kind soul, Mike can appreciate others' kindness and merits, sincerely appreciating his girlfriend for saving him from the bears he'd cheated and cheering for Meena after repeatedly putting her down only to be awed by her amazing singing.

He has an ego, so confident in his talents that he assumed the prize money for Buster Moon's singing contest was guaranteed to be his that he bought a Lamborghini and spent all the money he'd swindled the bears out of, and refused to be upstaged that he came back to sing in the theater even when there was no money to be won.


Mike is a greedy, self-centered mouse with a Napoleon style complex— and who so happens to be a classically trained jazz musician with a voice like Frank Sinatra, who allegedly studied at the Lincoln School of Music. Driven by money, power, and the allure of beautiful female mice, Mike is constantly trying to be part of a crowd that doesn’t want him... unless, that is, he can somehow win Buster’s competition.


A penny? How dare you! I happened to have studied in the Lincoln School of Music!

–Mike, after a baboon gives him a penny for playing the saxophone

All right, prove it, pal! Empty your pockets right now!

–Mike, forcing the baboon to empty his pockets for extra money

What do you smoke outta this?

–Mike, after looking at the baboon's inhaler

Aha! I knew it! You all saw it! You all saw it right here! The monkey lied! And next time, pick on someone your own size, ya bully.

–Mike, after discovering a wad of cash from the baboon

Well, look, I mean I'm sure you're gonna get a lot of namby-pamby animals in here saying things like, 'Oh, it's not winning, it's the taking part that counts!' Yeah, yeah, not me, pal. I'm here to win. That prize... it's mine!

–Mike, taking part in an interview with Bob during the auditions

Open it, will ya? I wanna see what a hundred thousand dollars look like!

–Mike urging Buster Moon to open the chest so he can see the prize money

I know Derek, the manager. He'll vouch for me! Come on!

–Mike, to Mario trying to gain entrance to the nightclub

Oh, for crying out loud! Yeah, let the bears in. Let the bears in. Fine.

–Mike, after seeing the bears entering the nightclub

Hey, porky! Keep it down, will ya?!

–Mike, telling Gunter to be quiet

You almost killed me, Jumbo!

–Mike, accusing Meena

Jackpot, baby! Whoo-hoo! Well, I say we call it a night there, fellas. Hey, put the cash in my car, will ya, Derek?

–Mike, after playing a card game against the bears

Cheated? Cheated?! Oh, I am offended! Come on, baby, let's cut some rug.

–Mike, after playing a card game with the bears and starts to leave with Nancy

So long, suckers!

–Mike, driving away in his car to escape the bears

Nana Noodleman? She's still alive?

–Mike, when Buster tells the performers that they'll be performing a private screening of the show for Nana Noodleman

Oh, stand back. Moody teenager coming through.

–Mike, seeing an upset Ash walking to the stage

Hey, by the way, I love your act. Seriously, the part where you fall on your face, that cracks me up every time. See ya 'round, porky.

–Mike, telling Rosita his thoughts on her rehearsal as they walk out of the Moon Theater

Hey, there you go! Big guy with the bat! Who needs keys, right? All right. Well, let's get this thing squared up now. ... What the? That's it? That's all there is? He lied. Moon lied to us all!

–Mike, after the bears destroyed the chest for the prize money, only to find a lack of money

What, are you kidding me? It's like watching Jell-O dancing around.

–Mike, after watching Rosita and Gunter perform "Shake It Off" on TV

Relax, sweetheart. Just came back to show you bozos how it's really done. Now watch this.

–Mike, telling Rosita why he came back to the Moon Theater before singing "My Way".

Thank you, sweetheart!

–Mike, after Nancy saves him from the bears and they get away in Mike's sports car



  • Mike is known as "The Crooner" according to the Sing Website.
  • Fan reactions of him were rather negative and caused the fans to accuse Illumination for ripping off Mr. Big from Disney's Zootopia. In actuality, Mike is more based on The Rat Pack, most notably Frank Sinatra.
  • His introduction scene is the last of five.
    • In his introduction scene, he claimed to have studied at the Lincoln School of Music.
    • Also in his introduction scene, he can be heard playing the late Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond tune "Take Five".
    • In the closure of his introduction scene, he plays Gerry Rafferty’s "Baker Street" for a brief moment.
    • He plays "Girl from Ipanema" by Tom Jobim, when he sees Nancy for the first time.
  • He was the first to question Buster Moon's prize money, as well as the first to discover the lack of money.
  • His rehearsal performance of "Let's Face the Music and Dance" was the first of four.
  • He is the only contestant who didn't show up at Eddie's pool house to cheer up Buster Moon.
  • His final performance of "My Way" was the fourth of five.
  • Mike was thought to be the main antagonist of the film probably due to the fact he's arrogant and he appears more than the bears do.
  • Most of the fans think Mike died along with his girlfriend by getting killed by The leader of the bears while they were driving in Mike's car since they did not appear during the grand reopening of the Moon Theater.


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Mike - Concept Render

Mike - Concept Render

Sing Special Edition - Mike Demands A Tip - Own it on Digital HD 3 3 on Blu-ray & DVD 3 21

Sing Special Edition - Mike Demands A Tip - Own it on Digital HD 3 3 on Blu-ray & DVD 3 21


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