Miss Crawly: (screams)

Johnny: (Grunts) Always mess that part up. Whoa. Are you all right?

Miss Crawly: Oh, it's that song, Johnny. Takes me back to dancing and romancing. Oh, to be young again.

Johnny: Oh! Come on, Miss Crawly it's never too late to romance. Have you ever heard of online dating?

Miss Crawly: Online... No, what's that?

Johnny: First, we've got to make your profile. What are your hobbies?

Miss Crawly: Oh, let me see now, I look after the plants and... I like bowling.

Johnny: Cool.

Miss Crawly: I like sandwiches and...

Johnny: Okay.

Miss Crawly: Oh! Moonbathing.

Johnny: Moonbathing?

Miss Crawly: Oh, yes, it's like sunbathing, but at night. Wonderful for the skin.

Johnny: Okay. We're gonna need a profile photo. Okay. Don't worry if it takes, you know, a little while for someone to respond.

Johnny: (Computer Chimes) What? Wow! Look.

Miss Crawly: Oh, my! Looks like the old gal's still got it.

Miss Crawly: (gasps) Oh!

Miss Crawly: (shudders) Wha...

Herman: I think this belongs to you.

Miss Crawly: Oh, yes, thank you. (sighs)

Herman: Beautiful night for moonbathing, don't you think?

Miss Crawly: Oh. Yes. It's wonderful.

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