Gunter: Yo, yo, yo!

Rosita: Shhh! I just put the kids to bed.

Norman: [In a raspy voice] Gunter, it's so great that you offered to do this buddy.

Gunter: I insist to Rosita, I'm known as like the very best babysitter.

Rosita: Are you sure you're okay with this?

Gunter: This will be as easy as düsselberry pie. I will prove to you, okay? Trust Gunter!

Rosita: I'm having second thoughts.

Gunter: Go, go, go, it will be, like, totally fine.

(Title card appears)

(Gunter accidentally steps on a squeaky toy)

Gunter: Shh...

(Gunter's cell phone rings)

Gunter: (gasps) Oh, no.

Rosita: (on the cell phone) I forgot to say we'll be home by 9:00. If there's any problem at all, just call me.

Gunter: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Goodbye now. (hangs up, then sighs)

Piglet: Where's Mommy?

Gunter: Hello, tiny piglet. Mommy will be back soon. Uncle Gunter is here in the meantime, so go back to sleep. (laughs nervously)

Piglet: Can I have some candy?

Gunter: No, no, no. You must go back to sleeping, okay?

Piglet: Pretty please?

Gunter: Hmm. Okay, okay. I give you one piece, and then ze bedtime.

(Gunter opens the lid from the candy jar, but accidentally drops it and candy falls everywhere onto the floor)

Gunter: Oh, no! (gasps, then struggles to get all the candy back in the jar) Okay, all right...

Rosita & Norman's children: CANDY!!!!

Gunter: Don't, please!

(Rosita & Norman's children chomp on the candy; one of them screams)

Gunter: Don't! Now is the time for ze sleeping!

(The piglets laugh, three of them hang onto a blade of the ceiling fan)

Gunter: Please, piggies, beddy-bye time.

(The piglets tie Gunter up with roll candy; two of them fight over Gunter's cell phone and drop it on the floor; Gunter grunts as he struggles to make his way to the living room while the piglets continue to clamor.

Piglet: (licking the TV screen) My tongue is warm.

Gunter: (noticing his cell phone as he eats himself out of the roll candy) Mmm...

Piglet: He's gonna call Mommy!

Gunter: I didn't want to have to do this.

(Plays electronic dance music; the piglets all gasp as Gunter dances)

Gunter: Okay. Now, follow along with Uncle Gunter. We dance all your energies out now!

(The piglets follow his dance moves)

Gunter: Follow the piggy piper.

(He leads them into the living room)

Gunter: Try as you might, you can't deny the power of the beat.

(After so much dancing, the piglets get tired. Gunter notices that it's almost 9:00)

Gunter: Yeah! Bedtime.

Piglet: But I'm not tired. (falls onto another sleeping piglet)

Gunter: Hurry!

(Gunter wraps up all the sleeping piglets in the living room rug and carries every one of them to their beds)

Gunter: (panting) Oh! Here we go.

(Rosita & Norman start to open the front door)

Gunter: (gasps)

(Rosita & Norman open the front door)

Gunter: (panting as he runs down the stairs to Rosita & Norman)

Rosita: Wow. Gunter, I have to admit I'm impressed.

Gunter: Yeah. I told you, it's easy as düsselberry pie.

(One of the sleeping piglets is still on the blade of the ceiling fan and falls onto Gunter)

Gunter: (grunts; chuckling) Same time next week?