Epiphany signage

Nana Noodleman performs "Golden Slumbers" during Epiphany.

Epiphany is a theatrical stage play seen in the opening scene of Sing, performed by Nana Noodleman.

Events in and following Epiphany

At the very beginning of Sing, the outside signage of a theater could be seen before two giraffes were shown entering the house (seating area). As the stage and lighting were being quickly prepared, a group of dachshunds in green leotards were being directed to the stage. Shortly after, Nana Noodleman made her way to the stage and began singing "Golden Slumbers" as she climbed a giant boulder prop before being embraced by the aforementioned dachshunds. As she continued to sing, a 6-year old Buster Moon and his father were shown watching in the balcony. Buster got in front of the railing to get a better view, and was amazed. It was at that very moment that his dreams of becoming the first koala bear in space was left behind, and his passion for theater officially began.

In the events following this play, Buster's father opened a car washing business and earned enough money to buy his son the very theater Epiphany was performed in, thus renaming it Moon Theater.