Eddie's pool house is a pool house that is the home of Eddie in Sing. It belongs to Eddie's parents but they allow Eddie to live in it.

In Sing, Eddie and his best friend Buster Moon can be seen playing a racing game as they discuss Nana Noodleman (Eddie's grandmother) and the status of the Moon Theater.

After the flooding and subsequent collapse of the Moon Theater, Buster briefly moved into the pool house to live with Eddie. The contestants tried to cheer him, but he was too despondent to listen. He lived there until the lot for the Moon Theater was purchased by Eddie's Nana and rebuilt.

Notable Features

  • A television
  • A speaker system
  • A video game console that resembles a Sony PlayStation
  • Aqua colored vinyl chairs
  • A poster that reads "WE ARE NOT ALONE!"
  • A family photo of Eddie, Nana, and Eddie's parents

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