[At Eddie's pool house, Eddie is seen playing his video game]

Eddie: Go, go, go! Come on, come on, come on! Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Level 43! Whoa, whoa, ok, head rush.

Garry: (on TV) Hey, there! Do you still live with your parents, eat junk food and have inflatable furniture?

Eddie: (scoffs) Idiot.

Garry: You probably think I'm an idiot.

Eddie: What?

Garry: But I'm Garry "The Winner" Wishmann. Send me $99.95 and I'll send you my patented earphones of enlightenment. There, I'll guide you personally from chump to champion in one week. Whereupon, you'll receive an official graduation certificate.

(knocking on door)

Eddie: Oh, please. What kind of lame-wad would need that?

Penguin: For you, sir.

Eddie: Wait, what? Who sent this?

Eddie's mother: (on intercom) Your mother!

Eddie: (screams) Mom, you know I scare easily.

Eddie's mother: Now, you must complete the course and bring me the graduation certificate, or I'm kicking you out.

Eddie: I just ordered new curtains.

Eddie's mother: One week, darling. Bye, Eddie.

Eddie: (sighs)

Eddie: (scoffs) This is so stupid.

Garry: (through headphones) "This is so stupid."

Eddie: Huh?

Garry: That's what you're thinking. But now's not to time to think, now's the time to begin your transformation. First, you gotta organize your exterior... Before you can organize your interior. Next, remove all distractions.

Eddie: Bye, little buddy.

Garry: Wake up!

Eddie: (exclaiming)

Garry: Now that we've cleaned your outside, it's time to clean your inside.

Eddie: (spits on green juice) Ah! Mmm... Mmmm, don't even have to chew it.

Garry: Up and at 'em!

Eddie: (gasping) I'm awake, i'm awake. What now?

Garry: It's time to get physical!

Eddie: Physical. (panting) Sorry. Trying to dance in here. Ah! Excuse me. Ow! (grunts)

Eddie: (exclaiming)

Garry: Rise and shine!

Eddie: Yes, Garry.

Garry: It's time to kick it up a notch.

Garry: Way to go! The week is over and the graduation certificate is as good as yours.

Eddie: I did it! I'm a winner!

Garry: As soon as you send me an additional $99.95.

Eddie: What? But I did everything you said. I ate kale. Do you know how hard it was to eat kale? You owe me a certificate! Do you hear me?

Eddie: (grunting loudly)

(knocking on door)

Garry: I, uh...

Eddie: Listen, Wishmann. I need that certificate.

Garry: Okay, so here's the...

Garry's Mom: Garry! Stop playing those video games and go clean the pool!

Garry: Yes, mother.

Eddie: You're Garry "The Winner" Wishmann?

Garry: It's just... It's just Garry.

Eddie: I've been threating you like my lord and master.

Garry: Sorry, the whole commercial was my mom's idea. She's like, "Get some ambition, or I'm kicking you out."

Eddie: Dude, we're living the same life. Wait a minute. Is that the original edish of Diamonds of Greyfork?


Eddie: Hey, dwag, thanks for the certificate. My mom, like, totally framed it.

Garry: My mom won't get off my back.

Eddie: Just tell her we're flowers waiting to blossom. Like we are about to blossom into--

Both: Level 43!

Eddie: Yes!

Garry: Yeah!

Announcer: Are you a flower waiting to blossom? Are your parents on your back and can't get them off? Then I can help.

Eddie: (scoffs)

Both: Idiot.

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