A singing competition. Just think, your neighbor, the-the-the grocery store manager, that-that-that-that chicken, right there. Everyone in the city gets a shot at being a star live on my stage!

Buster Moon


Buster Moon (sometimes referred to as simply Moon) is a male koala who is the main protagonist of the movie Sing.

He is voiced by Matthew McConaughey.


Buster Moon is an anthropomorphic koala. He has gray fur with white fur inside of his ears. He wears a white button-down shirt with a red bow tie covered by a blue suit jacket. He also wears blue pants with a black belt and brown shoes.


Buster Moon is truly the optimist; he doesn't know when to quit, and believes in the concept that when you've hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up.

Buster has a sincere love for show biz, especially theater, after attending his first theatrical performance (his dreams of becoming the first koala bear in space were suddenly toast) when he was only six years old and was inspired to one day own his own theater and make his career in show business as a successful theater producer. He loves his theater and won't give it up without a fight, not only because of his love for theater but because his father worked so hard and for so long to help Buster buy the theater in order to fulfill his son's dream, and Buster keeps the bucket his father used in his car-washing business to make that dream a reality as a cherished memento.

Even when all odds seem to be against him, Buster looks for a silver lining in every cloud, no matter how unlikely or ridiculous, gives it his all, but oftentimes his refusal to quit comes back to haunt him.

His determination to save his theater from being shut down everything drives Buster to do anything and everything to do so, such as going to extreme lengths to avoid dealing with the bank, illegally siphoning power from a next-door business after his theater's electric bill shuts the power down, and stealing gallons of water from a water tower to set up a unique stage, and lying to his contestants about the $100,000 prize money (which was supposed to be only $1,000).

He is cheeky, opportunistic, and even a little pushy.

When everything goes wrong and literally comes crashing down, Buster finally breaks and gives up, is unresponsive to his singers' support and encouragement, and is fully prepared to accept a fate of car-washing until he hears and is inspired by Meena's beautiful singing to take one last shot.

He rallies the troops, they throw together a workable open-air theater, and perform for free, each of his singers pulling off spectacular performances that redeems Buster in the eyes of the public as well as Nana Noodleman, the theater actress who was partly responsible for inspiring Buster to love theater, that she buys back the theater property and restores it to its former glory, allowing Buster to hold a grand re-opening and truly start his career as a successful theater producer.


Buster Moon realized the dream of owning the theater when he attended the show "Epiphany" with his father, but the place has fallen on hard times with nobody coming to the shows anymore. Even though his best friend, a Suffolk sheep named Eddie, doesn’t think it’s a great idea, he decides to put on the world’s greatest singing competition as a final effort to restore the theater's popularity.

He scrapes together $1,000 for the winner, but thanks to Buster’s doddering old lizard assistant due to her glass eye popping out and bouncing off her keyboard, the flyers go out proclaiming a $100,000 prize instead, causing a stir in the animal world. And as Buster fights for his theater’s relevance, five characters become the top talent in the competition all of whom are ultimately trying to define or redefine or find themselves through music and performance.


This was it. The moment it all began. The moment an ordinary little guy fell in love with theater. Everything about it: the lights, the way the scenery moved, even the smell. He was only 6 years old, but his plans to become the first koala bear in space were suddenly... toast. Some folks may have said he grew up to be the greatest showman the city has ever seen. Some called him a visionary, a maverick. Sure some folks said he was as crazy as he was stubborn, but I say wonder and magic don't come easy, pal, and oh, there would never be any doubt. The name Buster Moon would go down in entertainment history. And I should know, because I am Buster...

–Buster Moon, at the opening of the film

My next show is gonna be, drumroll please: a singing competition!

Buster Moon

Everyone. Just think, your neighbor, the-the-the grocery store manager, that-that-that-that chicken, right there. Everyone in the city gets a shot at being a star live on my stage!

Buster Moon

Real talent from real life. That's what audiences want and I'm gonna give it to them!

Buster Moon

Let's go to work.

–Buster Moon, waking up and starting the day

And cue the crazy old lizard.

–Buster Moon, moments before Miss Crawly enters his office

I do? Holy moly, I really do.

–Buster Moon, seeing a group of angry animals outside his office, also when he sees a long line of animals waiting to audition

"Loud and horrible, but shows promise." Welcome to the show.

–Buster saying to Ash

Yes, I was saying that you are in... Oh jeez, this is gonna drive me nuts. Johnny, get back here. You're in. Thank you, Daniel. Goodbye!

–Buster Moon, quickly realizing the burden of having to use a megaphone to communicate with Daniel would drive him nuts, dismisses him from the competition and selects Johnny instead.

Rosita, Rosita, Rosita. "Great set of pipes, but boring to watch." ... So, what should I do? I could partner you up with... Gunter! Gunter, where are ya?

–Buster Moon on Rosita's audition, before partnering her up with Gunter

Hahaha, yaaaa! Gonna spice things up on stage!

–Buster Moon, moments after pairing Gunter up with Rosita as her dance partner

I have this bucket because it belonged to my father. Every day for 30 years, he'd worked his tail off washing cars, just so I can buy this place. Every day, Eddie. Just for me.

–Buster Moon, telling Eddie about his father's bucket

Well, there's only one thing I can do.

Buster Moon

You know what's great about hitting rock bottom, Eddie? There's only one way left to go, and that's UP!

Buster Moon

Are you wearing a Speedo, Eddie?

–Buster Moon, to Eddie, when seeing him swimming in the pool

Whoa, whoa, back up. Your nana is still alive?

–Buster Moon, to Eddie when he mentions Nana Noodleman

Why aren't you guys rehearsing?

–Buster Moon, when the frogs quit the show

All right. We're two acts down. Give me some good news, Miss Crawly.

–Buster Moon, after Pete left the show due to injury and the frogs quit the show

What's not to like? You're a female and you're a teenager. This song is made for you!"

–Buster Moon, choosing "Call Me Maybe" for Ash

Ah, Nana! Just look at you, dear. Wow! You don't look a day over 90!

–Buster Moon flattering Nana Noodleman

Great! It's gonna blow you away, Nana. And that is no lie!

Buster Moon

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, enough of that!

–Buster Moon, stopping "Call Me Maybe" when Ash starts crying

I don't think anyone's gonna call her after that.

–Buster Moon, on Ash's practice rehearsal

Are you okay?

–Buster Moon, to Rosita when she fell on her face

Don't let fear stop you from doing the thing you love.

–Buster Moon, to Meena

Oh, Dad, I'm so sorry...

–Buster Moon, after the flooding of the Moon Theater

Oh, Dad, I wish you could see this...

–Buster Moon, after the show concludes

All creatures great and small, welcome to the new Moon Theater!

–Buster Moon, at the grand reopening of the Moon Theater, closing the film


  • Buster is known as "The Producer" according to the official Sing Website.
  • He lives in his theater, sleeping in his desk drawer.
  • He is at least 36 years old. In the first scene of Sing, Buster recalls being 6 years old while watching his first theater performance. From that moment on, his father worked as a car washer for 30 years to buy his son the theater.
  • Prior to wanting to have his own theater, Buster wanted to be the first koala in space.
  • Buster's theater is built on 551 Echo Drive.
  • Buster is ambidextrous.
    • He may be left handed as his wristwatch is seen on his left hand before he takes it off to put it in the prize chest.
  • In his introduction scene, it is shown that he has a diploma from the Modern Drama Institute.
  • Buster Moon is the third Illumination Entertainment animal character to be a protagonist, after E.B. from Hop and Max from The Secret Life of Pets.
  • Upon discovering the chest of prize money didn't contain the full intended amount of $1,000, he threw in a radio, a rug, a conqueror's helmet prop, and his wristwatch to equal up to the total amount.
  • Buster sings part of "Call Me Maybe" to encourage Ash to do the same.
  • According to concept art, his original name may have been Isaac.
  • Some concept art shows Buster wearing glasses.
  • No one calls Buster by his first name, except Eddie.


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Sing Special Edition - Buster Hears Meena Singing - Own it on Digital HD 3 3 on Blu-ray & DVD 3 21-0

Sing Special Edition - Buster Hears Meena Singing - Own it on Digital HD 3 3 on Blu-ray & DVD 3 21-0


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