Ash's apartment is an apartment building in Sing. It is the home of Ash and the former residence of her ex-boyfriend Lance. It is located next to a laundromat and a hotel.

In Sing, Lance can be seen singing a song while playing the guitar as Ash brought popcorn. Ash tried to get Lance to understand that she wants her opportunity to be for the both of them, but Lance refused to listen, indirectly calling her a sell-out.

The living room can be seen in a later scene where Ash and Lance laugh over the cheesiness of the song Buster Moon selected for her to sing.

It is later seen again as Ash walks in to find Lance singing with another porcupine named Becky. Ash kicked Lance and Becky out of the apartment before sinking to the floor in sadness.

In a later scene, Ash can be seen in the process of writing "Set It All Free" as ripped photos of her and Lance are shown laid across the floor.

Notable Features

  • Large speakers
  • A white couch
  • A poster of "The Skunk Dolls"