The alpaca is an unnamed female alpaca and an incidental character in Sing.


The alpaca is a black with white wool. Her outfit consists of a pink jacket, a blue skirt, and white cowboy boots with pink accents.


Her personality is not detailed in Sing as she only attempted to play her audition song.


The alpaca is one of the many who auditioned for Buster Moon's singing competition at the Moon Theater. She apparently had a song prepared, but had problems with their guitar, having to tune it multiple times and never actually getting to sing, much to the dismay of Buster and Miss Crawly.


There are no quotes for this character as she had no speaking lines.


  • Unknown song utilizing guitar


  • The alpaca and Pete are the only contestants to not sing a known song.
  • She and Meena are the only known contestants to flub their audition.


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